Cooperation program Québec

There is a cooperation program between the Flemish Government and Québec, whereby the Québec government grants exemptions from increased registration fees to a maximum of ten candidates from a Flemish higher education institution.

Candidate profile

Eight exemptions from increased tuition fees are granted to students from Flemish higher education institutions for studies at a French-speaking Québec university (Université Laval, Université de Montréal, ...) and two exemptions are available for studies at an English-speaking institution (McGill University, Concordia University, ...). These ten exemptions can be granted for the following studies and are granted for the entire duration of the study program on the condition that the student meets the necessary requirements:

  • one exemption for bachelor courses (exemption for three or four years, depending on the course) at the rate for Canadian students non-resident in Quebec;
  • six master's degree exemptions (two-year exemption) at the rate of Canadian students resident in Québec;
  • three exemptions PhD programs (three year exemption) at the rate of Canadian students resident in Québec.

Exemptions are not granted for shortened programs and specializations (medicine,…).

Currently there are two more exemptions to be granted:

  • no more exemptions for bachelor's programs;
  • no more exemptions for master's programs;
  • two exemptions for PhD programs


Quebec, Canada

Scholarship amount

The amount of the exemption depends on the study program that the student is following. The student will have to pay a lower rate than other international students following the same course. This reduced registration fee depends on the normal registration fee for the study program. This is why the exemption is calculated per case.


The exemption runs during the entire training.

Deadline? Twice a year (June 14 and November 14), the VLUHR-i secretariat sends eligible files to the Québec Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education of Québec checks the files and then provides VLUHR-i with the list of awarded files, and in case of non-allocation also the reason for refusal.

Application and selection procedure

In case you are interested in these exemptions, please complete this attachment and send an email to If you already have a certificate of registration from the university in Québec, please send it along.