Your living conditions will have an enormous impact on your well-being abroad. It will be a home away from home. You will usually have the same options abroad as you do in Flanders, but many higher education institutions also have special facilities for international students. However, this is not always the case, so start looking for a place to stay well in advance.

How to get started

Some guiding principles when searching for a suitable student accommodation abroad:

  • Are you responsible for finding the accommodation yourself, or will the host institution provide a room?
  • Do you prefer an international residence, or would you like to live among local students?
  • Would you like to stay in a host family?
  • Do you prefer a flat or a studio? Would you prefer a single room, or would you like to share a room with two or three other students?
  • How far away do you want to live from campus? What is the maximum amount of time you would want to spend commuting per day?
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Inform yourself

Once your study or internship choice has been made, it is best to consult the web page of the international office at your host institution. They usually provide information about accommodation for foreign students. If necessary, you can still contact the international office at your home institution; they might also be able to help you find accommodation. In addition, the host institution often acts as an intermediary. If you do have to look for accommodation yourself, ask your host institution for advice. If you are doing an internship, you can either ask the international office at your own institution for assistance or you can get in touch directly with the contact person at the company to ask for advice.

A student is sitting on his bed in a student residence.

interesting accomodation websites for your adventure abroad

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