Underrepresented groups

Students that belong to underrepresented groups will, after being selected for a scholarship, receive an additional amount of money in addition to the basic scholarship amount. Read more here about which students belong to the underrepresented groups and how the allocation process takes place.


Research shows that certain groups of students are less likely to go abroad. To counteract this trend, the Government of Flanders provides students from underrepresented groups with additional resources. For the scholarship programmes included in the Flemish ‘Brains on the Move’ mobility action plan, the rule is that at least 25% of the students who receive a scholarship must belong to underrepresented groups.

Which students belong to the underrepresented groups?

In the context of the Flemish ‘Brains on the Move’ mobility action plan, the following categories of students are considered to be underrepresented groups:

How much is the extra amount?

The extra scholarship amount differs depending on the scholarship programme. For more information about the specific amount, see the pages for each of our scholarship programmes.


The profiles of all students applying for a scholarship from the Flemish government will be checked by AHOVOKS. If AHOVOKS informs you that you belong to an underrepresented group and that you have been selected, you will receive the increased grant amount.