Priority Country Programme

The Priority Country Programme aims to promote the exchange of students from Flemish higher education institutions between the community of Flanders and the following priority countries: Brazil, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and the United States of America.

Students from Flemish higher education institutions may apply to the programme for an outgoing mobility, but exchange through a duo project is also possible.

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Candidate profile

Students from Flemish higher education institutions from all disciplines may apply for the scholarship.


Student mobilities to the following destination countries are eligible:

  • Brazil;
  • Chile;
  • Japan;
  • Mexico;
  • Morocco;
  • Turkey;
  • United States of America;
  • South Africa.

Scholarship amount

The total scholarship consists of:

  • a scholarship amount of €700 per month for an outgoing student, with a maximum amount of €2 800 total and €850 per month for an incoming student, with a maximum amount of €3 400.
  • an amount for travel costs, depending on the distance between Belgium and the host institution;
    • 2000-2999 km (Morocco, Turkey): €360
    • >=8000 km (Brazil, Chile, Japan, Mexico, U.S.A., South Africa): €1 500
  • students from underrepresented groups will receive €200 per month, with a maximum of €800, in addition to the scholarship amount.


  • The duration of the mobility is minimum one month and maximum one year.
  • For Turkey only short mobilities of one month for internship and study are eligible.

Application and selection procedure

Step 1: Apply through the coordinator at your home institution’s international office.

Step 2: The selection will be made by your home institution.

Step 3: Your home institution will submit your application to the Flemish Higher Education Council (VLUHR).

Step 4: A qualified board of jury members will perform an external selection based on:

  • motivation letter;
  • transcript of records;
  • letter of recommendation from a professor or teacher;
  • learning/training agreement.